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Usual alt coins are mined, which takes an incredible amount of energy. In addition, expensive hardware is needed for mining, which in turn costs resources. Out of love for our planet, BitDmark is deliberately non-mined and therefore carbon neutral. This is how we make our contribution to sustainability.

Asset Backed

BitDmark crypto-coins have a link to an object with a real economic value. In other words, asset-backed BitDmark-Coins are used to digitize an asset and the record is stored on a blockchain.
Asset-backed crypto bring with them price stability in the crypto market.

FOR Everybody

Since BitDmark-tokens are backed by real-world tangible assets, they are simpler to understand and could therefore be the answer to the mass adoption problem that has been crippling the crypto industry.
Crypto coins supported by systemized operations for managing assets can be attractive to both mainstream and institutional investors.

Our Roadmap

Bitdmark Strategy and
Project Plan

Q1, 2023

Bitdmark - Chain

Q1, 2023

Bitdmark App

Q2, 2023

Bitdmark Exchange

Q2, 2023

Bitdmark D-Wallet

Q3, 2023

Bitdmark Pay

Q4, 2023

Bitdmark D-Swap

Q1, 2024

Bitdmark Card

Q2, Q3 2024

Bitdmark Earn

Q3,Q4 2024

Bitdmark Credit



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